The Top 1% Foundational Workshop.

Aiming to be in the top 1%?

Introducing The Next Level, your fast-track ticket to start your Top 1% journey.

Most people don’t know themselves to a top 1% level.  You are not most people.

Join us to learn advanced self-awareness, your identity and emotional intelligence skills only the top 1% have mastered and which are responsible for their improved productivity and better bottom lines.

Using our scientifically designed system you’ll discover three hidden personas and learn how to harness them to elevate your performance to rival those at the very top of your industry.

Organisations and individuals are under increasing pressure to do more with less.

What separates ‘good’ from ‘excellent’ is the ability to perform in high-pressure situations.

The Next Level training day is a unique opportunity to understand your identity as a leader so that you lead your people with confidence, revitalise your personal and corporate strategy and maximise your performance under pressure.

I’ll show you how to use your unique strengths and those of your colleagues to achieve your greatest personal aspirations and deliver maximum value to your team and your organisation.

The Benefits

You’ll leave understanding how to play to your strengths, lead with emotional intelligence giving you the confidence to break through your limiting beliefs and enabling you to work with others more effectively.

Learning outcomes

  • Identify your unique talents, hidden treasures and traits so you play to your strengths.
  • Reveal your blind spots and learning how to use them to your advantage.
  • Gain a greater awareness of others so you can influence, persuade and motivate like never before.
  • Step up and own your full power to fast track your progress and make this a seriously successful year.
  • Become more resilient and lead with confidence.
  • Recognise triggers and self-sabotaging behaviours which impede effectiveness.
  • Avoid traps which can unwittingly derail performance.
  • Enhance communication skills for dealing with stakeholders.
  • How to maintain performance under pressure during times of change.

Make no mistake, this training is a rich and powerful mix of experience, tools and learning designed to equip you for your top 1% journey.

It’s not for the faint-hearted.

No dull Powerpoint slides, you’ll learn practical strategies you can can deploy immediately to get results.

“Well structured and personalised to my needs as a small business owner.

Nis’ Top 1% Assessment report blew my mind!

The VIP Day 1:1 experience uncovered insights about me I wasn’t even aware of. I left exhilarated and armed with an action plan that’ll impact my business, staff and personal world.

Surpassed my expectations.”

Owner, Wealth Management Business

Total Amount: 2,400.00 GBP

Who Should Attend?

Driven professionals from Manager to Director level.

The fast-track program for time-poor professionals aiming to be in the top 1%.

Course summary

Duration: 1 day

Date: TBC 2021

Location: London

Price: £2,400.00 ( £2,000.00 + VAT)

Includes breakfast, lunch, snacks, refreshments and notebook.

Secure your place today and receive your top 1% personalised assessment and growth personal development report worth £200.00 + VAT.

The Next Level course is exclusive to 5 places per class so register below to secure your seat.

Total Amount: 2,400.00 GBP

By attending Nis Arend’s excellent ‘The Next Level VIP’ programme, I gained insights into my personality which continue to help me to this day.

I loved Nis’s down to earth approach – she keeps it real and demonstrates how you can use what you have learnt with great practical examples.

You really can’t afford to miss The Next Level VIP…..”

– Head Corporate & Commercial Banking, Santander

I’m pretty self-aware but this took it to a whole new level.  Received powerful insights into my identity, emotional intelligence and how to flex my style to help me lead my team more effectively.

The Next Level VIP gave me a new perspective to tackle challenges and the VIP Day added a robust action plan for the next 12 months.

Highly recommended.

– Managing Director, Rabobank

How does it work?

  1. You complete the pre-course questionnaire.
  2. Results will be analysed to identify your unique talents, strengths, weak-spots, blind spots, hidden treasures and development opportunities.
  3. During the workshop, Nis will work with you using your profile as a framework so you leave with a personalised action plan to step up your game to top 1% level.

No other workshop comes even close to this level of detail and insight.

This is the ultimate self-development plan which will grow over time.

” Nis’s VIP Day gave me deeper self-awareness of specific areas where I was sabotaging my success and enabled me to play to those strengths ”

– Director, Major Bank

” Attending Nis’s The Next Level workshop was the best investment I’ve made; I received a £21k pay rise and a promotion to a role previously considered outside my reach. 10x ROI the first year alone.

Book your place today. ”

– Vice President, Major Bank

” All training should have the “Nis Factor!” I have observed Nis facilitating learning and professional development activities many times, and I am always struck by the energy she brings, the mastery of the topic she is

Mike Braydelivering, the absolute control of the classroom, and above all the engagement of the participants (even those who come intending to sit silently by the wayside).”

– Mike Bray, High-Performance Consultant, GP Strategies

Leading Global High-Performance Provider

Course Leader

Nis Arend: Making the top 1% more successful – fast. Clients appreciate her keen intellect and deep understanding of human nature.

Nis is an internationally recognised High-Performance Coach and a living example of a top 1% Leader.

Awarded membership of the “Top 100 Most Influential People” in the events industry, she creates a memorable, personalised experience at the exclusive world-class event.

Other attendees have:

  • Developed ways to ‘lean in’ to their blind spots
  • Learnt to flex their communication style
  • Uncovered practical ways to make their strengths a key differentiator
  • Learnt how to build rapid rapport with key influencers
  • Discovered insights about themselves they weren’t aware of over their lifetime
  • Improved their self-esteem and confidence to enable a difficult conversation with a tricky colleague or client
  • Deactivated triggers that were a negative anchor
  • Understood the full spectrum of their personality and learnt precisely their gap to becoming a top 1% version of themselves.

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