What our clients say about us

Captured the hearts and minds in Canary Wharf HQ

, Programme Director - Nuffield Health, London, UK

As a large organisation, we can count on The Corporate Confidante to create and deliver an engaging, practical and inspirational corporate wellbeing programme which compliments our overarching strategy. Their unique take on the latest topics and trends provokes thought that certainly captured the interest, the hearts and minds of our clients in Canary Wharf HQ. The ...

Exceeded our expectations

, Diversity Committee Lead - Barclays Wealth, London, UK

I'm really impressed. The feedback from the attendees was that it exceeded their expectations. They are inspired and excited.  Nis kept the energy up - considering we had an early start to the session. The language and meaning so easily translated to us.

Very different to anything I’ve ever seen before…

, Managing Director - Key Clients & Family Offices, London, UK

Thank you for two excellent seminars.  Very different to anything I’ve ever seen before. Let's catch up 1-1 when convenient – I'd like to discuss some further training for my team.

Exactly what we needed for our female talent

, Head of Female Client Group - Global Bank, London, UK

This bespoke event was exactly what we needed.  It achieved our focus to attract and recruit those 50 high performing professional women from around the world to attend our programme. A nice touch to have Dame Judith Mayhew-Jonas open the event.

The training has stayed with me since…

, Associate - Global Bank, Beverley Hills, USA

I genuinely feel inspired by today's course- both from the content itself and the excellent delivery from Nis!  Many of the areas covered our real day to day life and career journeys, but the way in which they are highlighted in the program is crucial. The interactive element is very engaging: making one think in ...

A breath of fresh air…highly recommended!

, Director - Global Bank, Mexico, North America

Nis is a genuine breath of fresh air! She is engaging, inclusive really 'understands' people and has a natural "people talent". She comes highly recommended!

Very good atmosphere in the room

, Private Banker - Global Bank, Mexico, North America

I have definitely identified some areas where I will aim to improve how I come across at work. My overall impression of the program is that it's very good - the atmosphere in the room led to an excellent learning environment.

Insightful full-on training which is different

, Client Service Executive - Top Tier International Bank, London, UK

Insightful program which is very different to others similar. Very probing, full on and provokes self-evaluation in a comfortable way.

Dare I say it?

, Director - Global Bank, Monaco, Europe

This was an interactive and, dare I say, fun program. Useful tips and insight on the corporate world. I have practical tools to improve my mindset and learned new ways to have a more powerful impact on the work environment and strengthen communication with colleagues and friends. An interesting perspective which compelled me to take ...

A thought leader that stands out from the crowd

, Assistant Vice President - Global Bank, London, UK

I heard about you and The Corporate Confidante by a client of mine running a business network for women in Scandinavia.  I now understand why she was so excited! You are doing something that really stands out, using your expertise to do good for others. It's great to work closely with thought leaders like yourself.

Some of the amazing clients we've worked with...

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