What our clients say about us

Never experienced a time management talk like this!

, Director - Barclays, London, UK

Having attended several inspirational seminars and talks about Personal Effectiveness and high performance in business, I signed up to The Secrets of Time Management since this is such a vital component in our personal and professional lives. This event took us on an insightful journey about how we manage time. This was much more than ...

We saw the results quickly

, Market Head - International Top Tier Bank, London, UK

Nis delivered an extraordinary program for our team and absolutely nailed it!  Not only did she exceed our expectations, she got right under the skin of the business and the core challenges in our industry  quickly. As a result of the two days together, we have several success stories that materialised straight afterwards, from financial gains, ...

Incredible clarity as a woman in leadership

, Senior Project Manager - The Marketing Store, London, UK

Their support has given me immense clarity, structure and a way forward. I'm sure the market value of my own brand has tripled since. Most of all, the training has helped boost my confidence.  Now I feel energised, inspired and even more driven than before to feel the fear and go for it!

Struck by the energy and mastery of the topic

, Principal Consultant - GP Strategies, Baltimore, USA

All training should have the “Nis Factor!” I have observed Nis facilitating learning and professional development activities many times, and I am always struck by the energy she brings, the mastery of the topic she is delivering, the absolute control of the classroom, and above all the engagement of the participants (even those who come ...

Voted the overall best for the year

, Marketing & Events Manager - Nuffield Health, London, UK

We had Nis deliver to our clients on a couple of occasions.  She always delivers an energising session that gives practical and quick ways that people could implement the tools, strategies and techniques.  Out of all the speakers this year, your wellbeing seminar was the most popular.  It was well received in terms of delivery ...

This workshop was my lifeline

Client Service Executive - International Private Bank, New York, USA

I worked 16 years for a group that had me in hiding. There was no trust in the team. They thought I didn’t have it in me to take it to the next level. This training was my lifeline. I have a newfound confidence and really felt my talent was revealed during the two days. ...

Made a real difference to me

, Deputy Chair Women's Committee - Barclays, England, UK

The training was AMAZING.  I’ve taken a lot from the sessions and personally they’ve given me better direction and made a real difference to my outlook.

One of the best

, Senior Vice President - Barclays, London, UK

One of the best motivational speeches I have listened to.

Some of the amazing clients we've worked with...

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