Women in Leadership Masterclasses

The perfect platform for organisations serious about diversity and elevating the progression of their female talent.

Are you responsible for advancing the women in your organisation and looking for a no-fluff way to elevate all aspiring women in the pipeline – who have the desire, potential and commitment to emerge as leaders – without having the awkward task of selecting only a certain few women from the organisation?


  • Have you seen the rising trend and heard the mass exit of women leaving the corporate world?
  • Do you acknowledge that men and women differ in their leadership styles and that women have distinct challenges and implications that they face as leaders?
  • Have you read the evidence that shows that more equality of women in leadership produce a better balance of innovation, collaboration and increased financial results?

“I took part in this training at a time I was having an awful time in the office. The training taught me how to step back, reflect and be brave enough to start the conversation. All this talk going on in my head were in conflict with one another. I wanted to make Partner but didn’t think the firm had an appetite to accommodate my personal needs with my young family. This internal mentoring programme taught me about my mindset that has had a huge impact in a positive way. It gave me the confidence to take the next step in my career, which would have turned out differently if I hadn’t attended this programme. I would have resigned. Instead, I’m now working flexibly and doing great client work, without the guilt.”

– Senior Associate, International Law Firm, London


Women face unique challenges as current and aspiring leaders. All over the world, talented and ambitious women are being held back from achieving their potential at the top of organisations by themselves, and also a range of cultural, social, educational, and emotional barriers.

Our Women in Leadership programme – based on The Corporate Confidante’s influential 5C’s philosophy to leadership training for women – offers a programme for all aspiring and current female leaders in the organisation who have the desire and commitment to elevate themselves as emerging women in leadership. The beauty of this programme is that it’s designed to accommodate all aspiring women, so the organisation is not left with the subjective choice of handpicking only the select few to embark on this programme.

This is a rare ‘eye-opening’ opportunity for your organisation not to be in the 50% of global companies that currently have no female top executives.

Instead, choose to be in the ‘better half’ and reap the rewards of:

  • Retaining your top talent
  • Having a confident, productive and energised workforce
  • Significantly increase profitability

For the aspiring women attendees, it is an opportunity to bring their unique style and confident self to their work as a current and future leader to:

  • Achieve their career ambitions
  • Explore their roles in dealing with complex issues
  • Prepare themselves in the pipeline for future senior positions in the organisation.


Our programme is specially designed to meet the needs of women leaders already in a managerial role, as well as those in the pipeline striving to positions of greater authority and influence in their organisations.


  • Elevation. Develop the way women create and implement a larger vision and bigger purpose aligned with company values
  • Innovation. Learn how to have a stronger sense of how to use the diversity of skills and experiences within their teams, to generate more innovative ideas and solutions to organisational and strategic challenges
  • Commercial.  Increase retention of talented women to understand insights to enhance the greater progression of women to senior management levels for more profitable outcomes.
  • Network. Build up a strong professional and personal network with like-minded colleagues to support career development and drive winning business opportunities.
  • Mindset. Learn how to manage their inner and outer game to find new ways of getting back on track when the unexpected and unintended occurs.
  • Communication. Learn strategies and techniques to persuade and influence others and discover the limiting aspects that are stopping women from achieving the results they long for
  • Visible Impact. Gain greater understanding and self-awareness of their personal strengths, blind spots and how to adapt quickly to achieve breakthrough results through a journey of self-awareness.



10-month modular leadership skills programme.

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