High Performing Team Workshop

High Performing Team Workshop

A two-day programme to elevate your team from good to excellent.

Attention all HR and leaders: 

We are trusted by the best to drive organisational progress through our training.

Introducing the ultimate High Performing Team Building Workshop that has elevated team morale, retained talent and driven improved financial results.

“…This workshop is a game changer…”

– Chief of Staff, Global Bank, Wall Street – New York, USA


  • Is it time to renew the vision of the team and address any issues bubbling underneath the surface?
  • Do you often feel like the office is full of barriers where teams and individuals are not collaborating as one?
  • Does your organisation work in a challenging, technical and multi-functional environment involving many stakeholders?


High performing teams don’t just happen. Elevating team performance ‘allows’ the business to get more done and make things happen: faster and more efficiently. Teams drive organisational progress, yet forming and elevating high-performance teams is one of the most complex challenges facing any organisation.

Every team is distinctive, whether it’s functional or dysfunctional, newly formed or intact – but the parts that determine a team’s success – or failure are well known and can improve with the right training.

Teams today are confronted with a multitude of opportunities and challenges that they are not naturally equipped to deal with. This intensive team workshop builds upon the existing team dynamic to ultimately achieve better results, solve problems and develop resilience so the team is more engaged, cohesive and motivated.

We use a stimulating mix of theory-based sessions, discussions and team building activities to explore best practice.


This workshop is designed for teams who need to accelerate to their next level of performance – whether they are newly formed or intact, functional or dysfunctional, cross team or project team.


  • Vision. Create and clarify the team vision and purpose
  • Internal Analysis. Clear and candid analysis of the agendas, definition of the team roles, responsibilities, strengths and weaknesses
  • Insights.  Gain a greater understanding of differing personalities, and what motivates the team leading to improved communications and team building
  • Modelling Excellence. Recognise the stages of high performing team development and learn the behaviours that differentiate the top high performers and how to shape these into action in their role
  • Conflict Resolution. Uncover strategies for dealing with team conflict, breaking silos and learn how to give feedback in a constructive way
  • Trust. Increase team cohesion, belief and accountability to boost motivation levels and create high performing teams who can achieve more with the same resources
  • Empowerment. Live coaching from the trainer to empower team members to nurture intrinsic motivation, build exceptional strength and experience a new depth of achievement only possible through overcoming shared challenges.


Be prepared for a two-day powerful immersion into a high-performance environment where we explore individual and team performance through challenging self and team awareness in a safe environment.

Trusted by the best organisations in the world to elevate their teams to the next level, we uncover what’s bubbling beneath the surface and enable the team to co-create solutions, collaborate and deliver results as they progress to become a high performing team.

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