High Performing Team Workshop

The ultimate team building training that elevates your team from good to excellent.

Wellness & Diversity Seminars

Corporate wellness and diversity seminars focused on a hot topic and delivered in-house within 60-minutes.

Women in Leadership Masterclasses

The perfect platform for organisations who are passionate about diversity and developing their female talent.


Talent Leadership, Learning and Training Services – London, UK

In today’s world, talent is the primary source of competitive advantage.  The Corporate Confidante specialise in elevating your people talent by providing high-end training and bespoke Workshops, Seminars and Masterclasses for leading organisations.

We are the UK’s most pioneering provider of corporate training. We help aspiring teams and individuals in organisations to elevate from good to excellent through our training programmes. We coach teams, leaders and groups through the exact process we teach the top performers and show you exactly how to master your days so that you too can step up to the next level – for yourself and your organization.

Three Principles

We have created an innovative series of intensive training events based on 3 principles:

  • High Performer Mindset
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Professional Development

Creating pioneering training solutions tailored to current and aspiring high performers, that turn previous coaching philosophies on their head is at the heart of our ethos.

Three Services

We provide training for your employees through our:

  1. High Performing Team Workshop
  2. Corporate Wellbeing and Diversity Seminars
  3. Women in Leadership Masterclasses

These training programmes address real challenges faced in today’s modern working environment. We equip attendees with the mindset, strategies, skill set and confidence to lead sustainable careers and improve financial results.

Three Things That Sets Us Apart

In a world of increasingly homogenous coaching providers, finding a fluff-free refreshingly unique and new approach to corporate training and development can be a formidable task, and The Corporate Confidante was formed to address this challenge: to pioneer training for high performing organisations that stick – long after our clients have left the training room.

1.  Fluff-free Training Experience

All our programs provide an experience for our attendees. Our training is based on our 3 principles: Performance mindset, emotional intelligence and professional development.  These principles underpin all of our training events and are exclusively designed to transform, develop and ultimately empower top performing professionals to conquer their inner game to achieve the success they so rightly deserve.

2.  Stewardship

We strive to ensure our clients enjoy a valuable learning experience with us and aspire to ensure our clients have an enhanced mindset after attending our learning interventions.  We are committed to providing a robust ‘shift’ with our clients so, at the end of our event, they leave with a new golden perspective of what is possible, for them along with practical steps to put into action.

3.  Knowledge & Expertise

Our team has solid experience in creating and delivering top-class training globally that is not merely highly dynamic, stimulating and memorable but most importantly, highly practical, in that it can be easily and powerfully applied throughout your career.

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