It’s 2019!

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Welcome back!

Here we have a spanking brand new year of wonder, mystery and madness.

Are you ready?

I started my year with a kickass Strategy Day at a stunning countryside 5-star hotel. The intention was to reflect, create scary hairy goals and a solid plan for this year.

Over the past years, I’ve chosen one word for the year.

This was my focus, motivation and inspiration that I applied to everything I did.

My word last year was ‘Breathe’ and the previous year it was “First”.

Choosing a meaningful word is a powerful way of staying aligned with your intention and living a top 1% year.

At the end of our Strategy Day, I decided to choose 3 words for 2019 (instead of one) and one of the words had to be an emotion I wanted to feel in abundance.

I’d like you to brainstorm your own three words.

Drum roll…

My 3 words are:

1. Focus.
2. Simplicity.
3. Peace.


This equals reality so let the main thing be the main thing. Say no, more often, so I can say yes to the right things. I want to learn how to focus on one thing at a time, nail it, finish it and then move on to the next.


Streamline, detox and minimalise my business and personal world. Less is more.  I’ve got too many friends, too many appointments in my diary, too much stuff in my garage, too many files in the office and just too much going on.

It’s time to strip it all.

I know I’m going to need help, so I’ve decided to fly my Mom in.  Her brain is incredible and built very differently to mine.  She’s the one person who was able to re-organise my home, to fit my lifestyle and the way I operate because she took the time to understand how I operate in my home and office.

Now when I open a kitchen cupboard, for example, it contains the exact item I need.  Gone are the days opening loads of cupboards looking for things.  Everything is in a logical order and organised, according to how I function.


The emotion I want to feel in abundance this year…

After the trauma I’ve been through over the recent years, it’s time for me to come to terms with it all.

For me to accept the realisation that some people don’t want the best as you want for them.  And that is ok.

I’ll learn to forgive myself.

I’ll practice being kind to myself and not so hard on myself all the time.

It’s time for peace within…

Now it’s your turn…

What 3 words will you benefit from this year?

Ask yourself…

  • Does it align with my intention for this year?
  • Does it give me an opportunity for learning, creating and achieving my goals?
  • Is this the right fit for me in 2019?

It’s powerful and it works.

You’ll find that by aligning your journey with your trio words, you’ll learn a lot about yourself: where you hold back, get stuck or feel anxious.

Develop a deep relationship with your trio, and it’ll improve your success, help you open up more, relax more and feel more confident, happy and indulge in all the opportunities that are already making their way towards you over the months ahead.

If you found this useful, and I’m sure you did, please comment below and share your three words, I’d love to hear.

Let’s do this.


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