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The top 1% are known for writing effective emails. They’re clear and focused which shapes and directs a successful career.

The way we’ve dealt with emails (on desktops) has changed to handheld devices, so it makes sense the style in which we write them, must change too.

When your emails are clear, brief and to the point, they get prioritised and the right attention.

People are getting annoyed with long-winded, messy messages with no structure or point so if you’re accustomed to writing long convoluted emails, stop.

You’ll lose the respect and attention of your reader (your boss, colleagues, clients) and they’ll switch off.

Imagine the damage to your personal brand if you’re known for writing long emails?

Eye roll…

Professionals are begging for their colleagues to be brief.

Nothing drives people crazier than a long email with a lot of info but you’re unclear of the ask. Pointless right?

We consume so much information via emails, smartphones and browsing so being clear and concise is key.

The longer the email, the longer you’ll wait for a response.

Like you, I receive lots of emails per week on top of running my business and having time to play. It feels like drinking from a fireman’s hose.

Less is more.

I remember the days of writing and responding to emails, where the fear was in coming across too direct or sounding rude and I’d have this core need to justify myself in writing.

So to combat this, I’d top and tail my emails with fillers such as ‘however, indeed, you know, and pepper ‘friendly’ words all over my emails to soften them.’

People struggle with being succinct and this can derail your top 1% journey. Here’s how to create a clearer point faster: what you must stop doing to avoid killing your career:

1. Justifying yourself. Stop burying your reader with too much info and boring your listener to tears whilst they check their watches hoping you’ll stop talking.
2. Prepare the points you’ll make in advance.
3. Repeating yourself.
4. Use your subject line better so the reader has a clue and a reason to open.

Have you seen mine on MM?

The thing is all these niceties and extra words are making it harder to find the point you’re trying to make and you’re wasting your (and your readers) time.

So if you’re a wordy person, it’s time to strip.

1. Cut out the filler words
2. Number or bullet your points in an order
3. Skip the pleasantries. People have become so accustomed to it their eyes are trained to skip over that bit.
4. Get creative and add a little delight to show your sense of humour.

As you head into the week at your next meeting, email or call, remember your personal brand is at stake if you don’t get to the point.

Entice people with less so they want more. When I first started Monday Minute, it took me hours to create a minute’s edition. I’ve improved that timing, and now use the saved time to think about the focus for the week.

So as you enter this week, be clear and respectful in your ask.

And if your mood is feeling a bit cheeky, add a little delight.

It’s amazing how clinical we’ve become!

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Photo credit: Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

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