Stop. Continue. Start.

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Most of the time people float around in the sea of sameness, not truly conscious of the wonder and uniqueness of the day and opportunities around.

What must you do going forward that’s congruent to your goals?

People are telling themselves it’s the same poo different day. Not realising they’re cheating life away by hypnotising themselves to believe that false phrase.

There are things you’ve been doing well and things you haven’t been doing well that’s sabotaging you.

Our minds are littered with stuff.

Just yesterday I sat down to do an exercise I’ve done over the years.

It’s brilliant and helps declutter your mind to clarify what you must do moving forward to raise your standards, improve your performance and get top 1% results.

Grab your notebook and write down three headings:


Underneath each heading write down:

1. What must you stop doing?

What’s not serving you well, stopping your flow, killing your momentum, it’s sabotaging you, not giving you the results you want or you’re kidding yourself and you actually hate doing that activity and not very good at it?

E.g. Pressing snooze on the alarm a gazillion times that you end up stressed and late?  Eating too late, having too many canapes at networking events or attacking the vending machine in the office in the mid-afternoon slump?

2. What must you continue doing?

What have you been doing that’s been serving you well recently, you see the value of continuing and it contributes to achieving your goal?

E.g. Stretching your body every morning for a few minutes, eating a wholesome breakfast?

3. What must you start doing?

What can you do differently that’ll raise your performance, help you improve, new ideas that you’d like to try out or new ways of facing recurring issues or achieving goals?

E.g. be a completer-finisher so you finish tasks that you started, wake up on time and get out of bed instead of arguing with yourself in your mind.

This fantastic exercise gives you clarity which improves the days of your life.

And when you improve the days of your life, the aggregation of improved days amounts to a top 1% lifestyle.

We have so much information in our head and it’s about simplifying the stuff on paper first.

Once you’ve written at least one activity for each then implement it.

Want to know what I wrote?

Stop. I’ll stop spreading ourselves thin on all social media platforms and concentrate on one instead. This will help our business make a huge impact on the best social media platform for us.

Continue. I’ll continue embracing the minimalist approach to life. This weekend I started reorganising my files and folders on my pc so it’s easier for me to locate things.

Start. I’ll start doing ‘how to’ videos again for our tribe and get them done instead of perfect. Keep an eye out, that’s tribe accountability!

So that’s a snippet from me, how about you?

It’s time to get on the horse and dominate your industry. Like a top 1% boss.

Comment below and share what you will stop, start and continue doing.  I’d love to hear.


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Photo credit: Photo by Goh Rhy Yan on Unsplash

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