It’s 2019!

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Every new year I choose three words to align to. It'll improve your success, help you open up more, relax more and feel more confident, happy and indulge in all the opportunities that are already making their way towards you over the months ahead.

Stop. Continue. Start.

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Most of the time people float around in the sea of sameness, not truly conscious of the wonder and uniqueness of the day and opportunities around. What must you do going forward that's congruent to your goals? People are telling themselves it's the same poo different day. Not realising they're cheating life away by hypnotising ...

How To Be Number One

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First in the queue? Last in line? No idea? Whenever you are in a plane taxiing on the runway, the cabin crew always says that you must put on your own mask first, before you put on anyone else’s, including children, because you cannot do anything or help anyone if you don’t have any air ...

5 Ways To Switch Off from Work

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You’ve left the office thought about work while you travelled home, you’re now at home, and you’re still thinking about work. What happened in the day, who said what to whom, the meetings, the people in this meeting, your boss, the phone calls, the clients, the projects. You reach out for your blackberry, which is ...

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