Your Training Specialist for Top 1%

We like to keep things simple. We elevate performance, build teams and shape leaders through our tried, tested and proven training programs. We have created a system to help the best achieve excellence. We do this for those that have the desire and the commitment to step up into what we call ‘the rare air’. This is a place where high performers go beyond their comfort zone. We love what we do, and we think it shows. Inspirational, interactive and fresh.


You are a talented professional who is, or aspires to be in the top performing (or high potential) individuals in your organization which is fast moving, highly competitive and complex.   You need top-of-the-range support. We have ways you can train with us to become the best version of yourself in this international playing field.


The Corporate Confidante is a talent management specialist. We design, develop and deliver advanced training courses to organisations and their people to reach their aspirations and achieve success.

Consultative Approach

Our programs are built and updated based on extensive research, experience, and the dynamic changes in the market. For in-house training, we work with you to understand the distinct needs of your organisation and create a bespoke program designed exclusively for your organisation.

Talent Management is at our core

DSCF6145Our Founder, Nis Arend, is a living example of a high-performance leader. She is a widely recognized pioneer in corporate education and modern leadership development.

There is nothing cookie cutter about what we do. Gone are the days of boring training. Stuff you’ve heard, seen and experienced before. We know how to do it because we were once in those shoes of our clients. Been there. Done that.

We have also endured training days that were stale, same old content with trainers that are out of touch with the real challenges of today’s working world. Those difficult challenges we only talk about to our trusted confidantes.

The difference that makes the difference

We are your specialist training and development department. We are different. Our training is different. The clients we attract are different. They have committed to stepping up to the ‘rare air’ where top talent soar.

Power of our training…

Just one of our programs brought in an additional $15 million net new money for one of our clients.

This additional revenue was a direct result of attending our Ultimate High Performing team program which involved investing two days with us. Just two days. We provide a return on investment. No fluff.

Our clients keep telling us how our programmes have transformed their inner game, given them clarity and were the difference that made the difference in their careers and their ability to lead better.

– Improved employee engagement results

– Better market share

– Bigger profitability ratios

– Greater talent retention

We are based in London and travel the globe elevating organisations to a high-performance culture along the way.


As leading lights in the industry, our mission is to help shape current and future business leaders so that they drive revenue and profits for their organizations and go beyond what they think is possible in their careers. We help them step into a bigger vision for themselves and achieve the success they deserve.

We pride ourselves on our unique approach to our specialist training programs which equips organizations and their people with the knowledge, know-how, skills, mindset, strategies and techniques to accelerate their achievements. It works. Simple as that. 

DSCF2638Unparalleled Expertise

Our training solutions leverage a huge amount of experience in high performing, competitive, fast moving competitive environments training the elite, the dysfunctional and the toughest of employees. In delivery, our people make the difference –they combine deep experience as learning practitioners, intellectual passion for the content, and superior credentials with a commitment to delivering outstanding quality.

What makes us different?

The Corporate Confidante’s legendary in-depth training events teach the concepts of self-mastery and motivation from the diverse perspectives of neuroscience, positive psychology and high-performance studies. Our clients widely consider our work to be intensive, stick inside their minds, transformational and never seen before!

Some of the largest companies in the world use The Corporate Confidante for their training with attendees ranging from Graduates right through to C-suite management attending our programmes every year.  



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